The Handsome Family για το theme του True Detective:»Τωρα καταλαβαμε ότι δεν είμαστε τόσο περίεργοι.»

Οι The Handsome Family, αφηγούνται στο Uncut αυτού του μήνα την ιστορία του Far From Any Road του διάσημου πια τραγούδι τίτλων της σειράς True Detective.


H Rennie και ο Brett Sparks βλέπουν την επιτυχία του κομματιού ως  σημάδι του ότι δεν είναι και τόσο λάθος και αδιάφοροι τελικά. «We’ve had a lot of people over the years talking about how strange we are,” says Rennie.  “You know, oddballs, way out, left-field…All of that, you know, Gomez and Morticia bullshit» δηλώνει ο Brett.

“But it turns out we’re not really that weird, ”συνεχίζει η Rennie. “We just needed the right context.  People have said one reason they like the show so much is that it mentions things in the mainstream that haven’t been mentioned there before. Things like us, and Beefheart, things that people thought can’t be appreciated by the mainstream – but it turns out people love that stuff, they’ve just been waiting for somebody to admit it!”

The Handsome Family – as funny as fuck, as sweet as love, and as serious as death—UNCUT

This is music that moves forward by turning the clock back— haunting, primal and
strangely heroic 


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