Tricky-False Idols (2013) Trip Hop

O Tricky επέστρεψε με το δέκατο κατά σειρά album του «False Idols» μέσω του δικού του ομώνυμου label. Έχει κάνει συνεργασίες με τους: Nneka, Francesca Belmonte, Peter Silberman (of the Antlers) and Fifi Rong, ενώ κριτικοί παγκοσμίως εγκωμίασαν την φετινή κυκλοφορία που συνεχίζει την αίγλη του «Maxinquaye».

O ίδιος  λέει ότι επέστρεψε με πιο προσωπικό τόνο «Ι was lost for ages, I was trying to prove something to people, trying to do something to please other people and also myself at the same time, which is never going to work. To be honest with you, I’ve been floating around since Chris Blackwell and Island. My last two albums, I thought they were good, but I realize now they weren’t. This album is about me finding myself again.»

“False Idols is a sterling return to the form of Maxinquaye, full of sinister, infectious grooves of strings and sparse piano lines with his trademark mumble hiding behind the soulful lead vocals of female frontpersons… throughout, there’s a fresh impetus to Tricky’s musical muse that enables his dark imaginings to connect again with beautiful simplicity.” The Independent 4/5

“Tricky’s 10th album is a welcome return to the menacing sound of Maxinquaye. ‘I’m Ready’, on which that familiar sprechgesang delivery is somehow both metronomic and distended, is exemplary, but the whole record – dosed with menace – sounds hungry.” The Guardian 4/5

“It’s fantastic, filled with enough smoky seduction and downtempo grooves to fuel ’90s-themed key parties. Come to think of it, it should satisfy old-school Massive Attack fans more than the last couple of Massive Attack LPs” Time Out

(Πήγαμε στο φετινό του live στην Θεσσαλονίκη, review εδώ.)

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